About Me


My name is Godavarthi Venkatesh. I was born in 1993 as a premature kid and identified hearing loss with both ears .

Special attention from my family I expressed myself through drawing before learning about alphabets. Later with lot of struggles, with help of hearing aid I can hear and speak in English. I have succeeded all the milestones of education like others but I love my world with colors and I express the speech with it. I completed my schooling in JHPS( HYDERABAD) I completed Bachelors of Fine Arts in painting JNTU (Hyderabad) in 2015. I completed Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in 2018 from Central University (HCU).

I did a solo show at the age of 14 under Professor Stanley Suresh from JNTU. Later group shows in JNTU and HCU. Now I planned to do a show in State art gallery in 2018.

My passion for colors, I balance my art by design, expressing lines, trees, flowers, bright and attractive colors. I like to express my painting by strokes, lines from my observance of beauty, natural happening moments and joyfulness in a semi abstract style. The way I see nature, flowers, colors of beauty reflects on my painting is my way of showing design through my passion. I used to communicate with others through drawing and became outstanding in my profession to become a person now.

Title - Design conversations (Figure paintings)
Title - Seasons (Landscape)

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